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Ph 1300 maxines or 0418 390 246


Maxine The Master of Ceremony

The Master of Pussy Shows is available to host your special night. The hostess with the mostess is available for you, make your night even more special with my own special brand of fun.


Topless Waitresses

Topless beauties to serve you beer and so much more.


Straight Strip

A basic strip, which lasts for fifteen minutes. A great starter for your evenin.



A straight strip where the girl uses more open legwork and cream. She will involve the lucky buck or whomever you choose. Raunchy by name - Raunchy by nature. A great crowd pleaser!


Bubble Bath

Make sure your lovely lady is nice and clean in this dirty show.


Betty Bargearse

From fat and flabby to fantastic. This is a sure fire winner with our customized never before seen fat suit, there are many imitations but only one genuine Betty Bargearse.

shows.thumb.16.cocot.jpgFire Show

A sizzling performance that will leave the smell of burning pubes in your nostrils for hours to come. A perfect bucks party treat for that special friend.


Straight Vibe

A thirty-minute show that will leave you all buzzing with excitement.


Fruit and Veggie Show

The Fruit and Veggie Show – An amazing Hot Vibe show with some added nutritional supplements.


Hot Vibe Show

How can we make this hotter try adding some pearls and some added extras to spice up the night?


Bondage Bitch Vibe

Got a guy who needs to be taught a lesson. Our qualified bondage bitch is a stunner with an attitude. She also brings with her a trusty vibe for the show of your life.


Girl on Girl

The Simmering Stimulating Simulated Lesbian Show. The girls use everything but their toys to satisfy their Sapphic desires. For something stronger don’t forget to check out the super hot lesbian shows.



Doing what only lesbians do, licking, vibrators, kissing, double enders and much more. The ultimate show stopper.

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